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Waldorf-inspired Goddesses, Heroines, and Queens from around the world, plus travel altars and quilts,
handmade by Kelli Cymraes Lincoln. A perfect blend of playfulness and spirituality, Dancing Goddess Dolls
make wonderful gifts for Menarche ceremonies, Blessingways, Cronings, House Blessings,
Birthdays, and Solstice celebrations, and are a wonderful decoration for an altar or season table.

Each doll is lovingly made in the Waldorf style and stuffed with locally-grown natural wool. Every Goddess has distinctive qualities: long flowing hair decorated with leaves, flowers, crowns, shells, stars, or whatever is unique to her, and a beautiful necklace of semi-precious stones or glass. Because of this personalized attention, no two Goddesses will ever be exactly the same - each one speaks to me as I make them, and they are demanding mistresses, always wanting to be unique and different from their sisters! See them all on the Goddess page!

I usually have several new Goddesses in the works, and will update
this website or share on the Facebook page as they are finished.  

Interfaith Pagan Pride Parade, Berkeley, 2004

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Dancing Goddess Dolls and the Dancing Goddess designs are
© 2003-2015 Kelli Cymraes Lincoln
(This means that copying and selling my dolls or images,
specifically the Waldorf/River Nile Goddess doll concept
and my Dancing Goddess embroidery designs,
is illegal as well as unethical. . .please don't do it!)