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European Goddesses
Goddesses from Europe, minus the Celtic and Greek ones. There are enough of those to have their own pages!  Here you will find Ladies from the rest of Europe, including Norse, Slavic, and Germanic.

Goddess of Healing
Goddess of Beauty
Goddess of Marriage

Lady of the Flowers
Goddess of Winter
Goddess of Fertility
Goddess of the Sun

Also Featuring:

Baba Yaga, Wise Woman, Holy Hag, Dark Crone of the Forest

I am Holda, also known by names such as Mother Hulda, Frau Holle, Holla, Frau Harke, Frau Gode, Perchtha, and many more. In northern areas of Europe, whatever name they use to Call me, people know me as a Goddess of Marriage, Keeper of Souls, Matron of Spinning, and Mistress of Snow. I blanket the Earth with snowfall when I shake out my bedspread! In the earliest of times, I led the Wild Hunt across the sky. I spin and weave the fates of all beings during the Dark of the Winter, and although it might seem like I bring Death during the dark time of the year, one look at the masses of white elderflowers that crop up in the Spring will prove to you that I bring Life as well.

Austeja, Lithuanian Bee Goddess
For millenia, bees have been incredibly important to numerous cultures around the world. In Lithuania, Austeja is the Bee Goddess, connected to deep friendship, order within the family unit, strong work ethic, hospitality, and the sun. Even today, one can find shrines to this living Goddess! With the travesty of the bees dying off, it seemed to me a good idea to honor the bees of the world with this doll. Without the bees, none of us would be here!

This honey-gold doll is embellished with embroidered flowers and bees. In the Baltic spirit, her blonde hair is braided and held back with a traditional-looking headdress.

Sneguroshka is the Russian Snow Maiden, Daughter of Frost and Spring.


Compassion, Commitment, Loyalty, Love, Strength, Gentleness, and Victory. This is Sigyn.

Mokosh, Slavic Goddess of Women and the Home

Akka, Finnish Mistress of Earth Magic

 Arwen, Tolkienian Queen of Eternal Love
My message to you is to love. Love deeply, love boldly, and love eternally. Real love can outlast any challenge and cross any barrier; it is true magic of the highest order, and it is available to each and everyone of you. Make difficult choices if you have to, but in the end, love.

Zaria, a Yugoslavian maiden Goddess of beauty.
She was created for a woman who remembers her baba singing to her about Zaria in Serbian when she was a girl. Awesome!

 Astghik, Armenian Goddess of Love

Cybele and Attis, Phrygian Lovers

Baba Yaga