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Celtic Goddesses

Lady of the Silver Wheel
Warrior Queen
Goddess of Inspiration
Crone of Winter
Lady of Transformation
Mother Goddess
Lady of the Woodlands
Queen of the Land
Guardian of Justice & Dreams
Guardian of Spirit
Goddess of Dreams
Queen of the Faeries

Also Featuring:
Coventina, Healing Goddess of Rivers, Springs, and Wells.


Dechtare, Irish Triple Goddess

Have you ever been to a natural hot spring and seen the colorful sulfur formations that collect there? That was the inspiration for this Sulis, Healing Goddess of Fire and Water.

Brunissen is an interesting Celtic Goddess, somewhat equivalent to Hecate of the Crossroads from Greece. She is known as the "Brown Queen" and she knits together many opposites, like light and dark, sunrise and sunset, this world and the Otherworld. This reconciliation between contradictory ideas is what makes her a perfect Goddess for an Equinox celebration, itself a time of balance.

I liked the symbol of the Tree of Life for her, because it brings together the connection of this world to the Otherworld. She is dressed in a regal brown gown, and her earthly-colored hair is tied fashionably in the back.



I am Andraste, Goddess of Righteous Anger, Fiercesome Retribution, and Victory. Yes, I am also a Moon Mother, but there are serious and extreme circumstances when you must hold your ground and give no sanctuary to cowardice, and you must learn when to suppress your own loving nature and bring out your inner Invincible One. Understanding this is what makes me "She Who Has Not Fallen."

Arnemetia, Goddess of the Sacred Grove

Senua, Goddess of the Sacred Spring

I am Elen of the Ways, Green Lady, Shamaness, Horned Goddess of the Track. The Earth is graced with ley lines that are as powerful as they are invisible. Sometimes the creatures of the forest will follow these lines, creating subtle tracks for all to follow. You have a latent direction (or two) within you, as well; what will you do to lay down the foundation for your own Path?

Celtic Goddesses I've done:

Celtic Gods I've done:

another Blodeuwedd

 Selkie Queen
another Brigid
and another...
yet another Brigid  :)