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Wheel of the Year Club

The Wheel of the Year Club

Many of you have told me that you want a whole collection of the Dancing Goddesses, and have expressed interest in having the appropriate dolls available for each of the Sabbats, so here's a way you can see that happen at a discounted price!

For those that join up, just before each Holy Day, I will mail you the appropriate doll. You will have paid in advance, so it will be like getting a gift in the mail eight times a year! The dolls I will send are:

 The discount for the whole set (6" and 11") will be 25% off, which is like getting two dolls free.
Domestic postage for the whole collection is $40
(international postage is a little higher)

Pocket size WOTY Club is buy-7-get-one-free

Joining the WOTY Club is possible at either of the Solstices; listings will be in the Etsy shop.